i've gone to ground... (skwyshi) wrote in lostroleplaying,
i've gone to ground...


Just letting all know that I have updated the layout and the userinfo. Check it out and tell me what you think!
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It looks really good. Good job. I added you as a mod along time ago. Check again lol. Great job :)
wow i know i just commented but I looked at some other things you did and wow it all looks awesome. Your not a co mod lol your a mod! ha ha. With me of course even though Im not good with computers and didnt really do anything. Your awesome! Props to skwyshi.

I just sounded stupid ha ha just wanted to say thanks

*hee* No problem. I just love making things look pretty!!

And you're the mod - because I don't know how to "run" a role playing community!
How does a roleplaying community work??
Maybe I could put a description of how it all works in the Userinfo for people like me who have no clue...
lol ok after all of the characters are filled we make a post on what to do next. We will all have to make livejournal names... For example I mine will be Boone or something like that. Then we will use this community to type in and we will write journals in here like we are the person we're pretending to be. Does that make sense? lol.

Yeah. Sounds pretty cool.