aliasdude1213 (aliasdude1213) wrote in lostroleplaying,

Thanks for the new banner

Just liked to thank my new co mod Skwyshi for the new lost backround thingy lol.

Come on people fill the spots
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No problem. Glad I could put my graphics skills to use!

And just letting you know that you haven't added my username as a moderator/maintainer yet.
(If you don't know how thats fine - just go to Manage > Communities > Members and tick the boxes next to my username under Moderator and Maintainer, and Posting Access if you want to give me posting access).
the layout is bee-yoo-tee-full!!!

Thank you! I'll polish and pretty it up in colours a bit later today.
hey michigan can I be Boone in your lost rpg?
you have to send an application to the email provided on the info page. I'm not sure if they have one yet or not. it's worth a try!

I found I cant change the icon...
To change the icon, log in to the lostroleplaying account, go to Manage > User Pictures, and upload the image as a default icon.
so im going to have to do it lol?

Yeah. It's pretty easy. Just add an icon like you did to your own account, except log in with the lostroleplaying account instead, and voila! - matching icon!!
eh lol will you do it ha ha Ill give you my password. I didnt do this icon my friend set up everything for me and im computer illiterate lol.

*LOL* Sure I can do it. Email the password to:

DONT put the password in a reply comment.