aliasdude1213 (aliasdude1213) wrote in lostroleplaying,

ok new update

New cast so far

Boone: (me) Joe, 16
Shannon: Kristin, 16
Kate: ? lol sorry dont know your name, 18
Claire: Char, 20

all others still open :)

Help me with advertising it if you want.
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Just put my name as Skwyshi. And I'll start advertising now.
thanks for the banner lol and ill add u as a co mod. Im not sure how to add the icon and the other thing so will u do it for me. And feel free to mess with the fonts and stuff

Just ignore that other comment about not adding me as a mod - because you have added me! *haha* I'm such a doofus!
oh lol sorry didnt see this before I commented before ha ha so ignore mine too.