aliasdude1213 (aliasdude1213) wrote in lostroleplaying,

Im back

Ok everyone Im back so Im ready to start. Im not sure what happened or if everyone still wants to do this or anything but post here so we make sure that everyone hasn't forgot or whatever. Thanks guys.
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Hello! I'm still up for this shin-dig.
Still here - just need to know what kind of continuity we're operating on. Boone's alive, so I assume at the least we are somewhere mid-season 1?
im as ready as ill ever be!:p
I'm still up for it.
Ok good. Well how else was helping me run it? LOl because we need to talk about the time thing and when to start. I think we should start right when boone dies because i don't mind my character dieing right away. LEt me know what u all think.
Hey, as long as I know everyone hates and fears me and thinks I'm a horrible person, I'm good. ^_~
I think I'm going to have to back out. A lot of unexpected things have come up and I can hardly keep up with my own journal. :( I'm so sorry. I was really looking forward to this.